Crincon provides international services in the African market:

  • Represent your business interests in most of the African countries.
  • Help you to find business partners in Africa.
  • Assist you in attracting international investors to your investment and innovative projects in African countries.
  • Data collection, Due Diligence, analytical and marketing research, formation of exit strategies for African markets.
  • Legal, organizational, financial, recruitment and language support for your company in African countries.
  • Localization of your products and services under the African requirements, compliance.
  • Development of business plans, investment projects, feasibility studies, financial and economic advice.
  • Legal services compliance and reporting for activities in Africa.
  • Organisation of international marketing campaigns, events and activities in Africa.
  • Outsourcing your international services in Africa.
  • Consulting services on doing business in Africa.
  • Manage your projects in Africa.
  • Hiring personnel for your company or your projects in Africa.
  • Rental and purchase of residential and commercial real estate in Africa.