The modern economy is becoming more knowledge-intensive. Many companies are constantly increasing their R&D budgets. Crincon specialists have years of experience in international R&D projects. We have unique experience in promoting the conclusion of international R&D agreements between global leaders. Our extensive contacts in the scientific community in the regions of our presence and deep knowledge of the specifics of R&D will help to provide you with services of international assistance as soon as possible and as efficiently as possible.

R&D in the European Union
We will help you to find the necessary partners for your R&D projects in the EU. We have business relationship with the leading European R&D laboratories and universities.

R&D in Russia
In Russia, there is a very strong competence of R&D in natural and basic sciences, aerospacial, oil and gas sector, mathematical modeling, IT, etc. We deeply know R&D Russian market and will help you work on it.